Cisco Meraki Full Stack 挂经

店面 1: Recruiter call
店面 2: Merge Intervals
Called for onsite and given access to a GitLab repo. Task was to code review it which was then to be discussed in an onsite round.

第一轮 : Background discussion with a Director. Discussed a project in detail.
Break: Lunch with 2 engineers
第二轮 : JS Pair coding with an Engineering Manager. Objective was to proceed step-by-step to create a formation such that two line segments composed of points join in an interleave manner. Both of the lines should move simultaneously. Identify and correct outliers in the lines.
第三轮: Code Pairing with an engineer. Problem was simple, nothing algorithic puzzle, but required knowledge of socket programming to understand the jargons
第四轮: Discussion of code review of task that was given prior coming to onsite
第五轮: Recruiter conversation about the interview process and the current offers/opportunities I had

报一个 Backend Engineer 的挂经,在 San Jose

Video call 1: With a Systems Architecht. Questions on Java SE. Detailed discussion on design and solution of Producer Consumer problem.

Video call 2: With an Engineering Manager and a software engineer. Questions on background, projects and behavioral questions.

Given the value of n, find nTh highest earning movie in a table with columns movie id and earning.
Given a web service containing numbers from 1 to 1 million in a linked-list, requests are being made to the service in the form of contains(n) which returns true or false depending on whether the list contains n or not. How would you speed up this service? Follow-up: Users/requests increase 100x, now how would you speed up?