twitch 挂经


  1. Find all the prime numbers less than a number (Interviewer was looking for a clean solution rather than efficient solution.
  2. A simple string pattern matching problem. (Another easy question)

We discussed about microservices architecture and the kind of work I am doing at my current company. I recieved onsite confirmation the next day.


  1. Circuit breaker pattern on whiteboard
  2. Behavioral questions such as why twitch. What improvements would I like to see in twitch etc.
  3. Lunch with another engineer
  4. Fixing bugs in a code snippet and how I would improve the code
  5. System design of P2P applications such as bittorrent ( I stumbled a bit and the interviewer was not happy with the solution I gave. I guess this was the reason for my reject.)
  6. System design of URL shortener.

Well organized interview.