Capital One | Machine Learning Data Engineer | NYC | Fall 2018

Education: PhD in Electrical Engineering
Years of Experience: 1
Prior Experience: Interned at ABB, Mist Systems
Date of the Offer: Fall 2018
Company: Capital One
Title/Level: Machine Learning Data Engineer
Location: New York, NY
Salary: $135,000
Relocation: $10,000 (Company pays taxes on relocation stipend)
Signing Bonus: 15,000 (repeatable for second year)
Stock bonus: None
Bonus: Variable cash bonus between $0 to $11,800 depending on performance.
Total comp (Salary + Bonus + Stock): ~$165K First year, ~$155K Second year, ~$140K future years
Benefits: two weeks paid vacation days + free gym + 100% 401k/Roth match up to 7.5% of Salary + covered health/dental/vision
Other details: Negotiated once, original offer did not have second year bonus. Was given around a month to accept or decline the offer. I ended up not being able to accept the offer due to some visa issues. They do not apply for any sort of visa sponsorship.

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