Convoy SDE1 西雅图过经

Location : Seattle, WA
Rounds : 1 take home assignment or technical phone screen, 4 onsite
YOE : 3 years
Degree : BS in CE
Date : June 2019

Take home assignment
You have the choice to complete a take home assignent or do a technical phone screen. I chose the take home assignment.

Build a client app for Convoy data. The app should display Convoy shipment listings with endless scrolling. I think this could potentially take a weekend.
I just happened to have done this for another company’s take home assignment so it only took a few hours to modify for Convoy. If you are confident in your
interview abilities you might just want to go with the technical screen and save yourself a weekend. You are given a week to complete it.

Onsite (4 interviews, 1 hour each, back to back, no breaks what so ever)

Interview 1 - whiteboard coding
Given an all black image with a white rectangle (input would be a 2d boolean array) return the coordinates of all 4 corners of the rectangle.
Follow up: Given an all black image with multiple white rectangles return the coordinates of all 4 corners of all the rectangles.

Interview 2 - whiteboard coding
Given a List of words (your dictioanry) and a target word return true if the target exists in the dictionary. The target word may contain the wildcard character * which matches any character.

Interview 3 - System design
Design a system like messenger or whatsapp

Interview 4 - Behavioral
About 10 questions that hit on their company values, you can find those on their website.

Thoughts and Suggestions
All the interviewers were very friendly. I would be nice to get at least 5 minutes between interviews.