AirBnB DS tracks

I am a DS and asked to choose one DS track for an interview with AirBnB . I have experiences in 3 tracks but would like to get in first. But noticed that the data challenge for inference and algorithms are quite difficult. But there is no take-home challenge for analytics。 would like to get thoughts from here. It seems the interview for analytics would be easier relatively.
Based on the comments about three different tracks, "The interviews are different but the actual roles are not. …”

Could a DS in analytics be involved in the design of experiments like a DS in inference or building models like a DS in algorithms? Could a DS in the 3 tracks be transferred to a different track?
No take home for Analytics. But I have to pass phone interview with online test. For other two tracks, if you pass the takehome, you could directly be invited to onsite. It is from a recruiter. Based on my understanding, it could be a case study with SQL. I haven’t done it yet.