Myntra 面经

Round 0: telephonic

  1. given a text and a string, find if all the anagrams (permutation) of string present in text. Followup> how many are presented
  2. Design data structures which support millions of products coming in streaming manner, we need to find at any moment what are top n products at any day
    Follow up: now how do you find top n products in every last 1 hour assuming products input stream is every minute

Round 1: Design IRCTC search system LDL

Round 2: linked list middle and design and implement rate limiter for limiting api calls for a service distributed multiple users.

Round 3: Twitter design (tweet, retweet, user time line, home time line, hashtag search)
how you balance the tweets from celebrity vs average users for a user home time line
How do you build user and home time line fast.

Round 4; Cassandra vs Mongo db, elastic search
Vs cached sql table.