Spotify Interview

HR Interview:

  • It was about 30 to 45 minutes, you will get to discuss a project you are proud of, your stack, why you want to join the company and you will be given situations and you have to say what you will be doing then, for example:
    1- how to make the team trust you ?
    2- Give a situation when you insisted on your tech opinion and you where wrong
    3- describe a time when you had to give a constructive feedback

A video call, it conisits of 3 parts:

  1. you get to describe a project you are proud of in technical words, the stack you used, they may challenge the architecture
  2. Coding problems :
    a) given a string of consecutive repeated characters and max value, return another string of max repeated characters : for ex: aaaaabbbbbcccdd and max is 2 should be aabbccdd
    b) given an unsorted array, find the index of kth largest element:
  3. trivia questions:
    a) about hashMap & how to avoid collisions
    b) difference between TCP & UDP