SAP Software Engineer Intern

Status: MS CS Student
Position: Software Engineer Intern at SAP
Location: San Francisco, CA

First Round : Phone Screening (30 minutes)

  • Self introduction, about the company and this role.
  • Go over the resume thoroughly.
  • Technical questions about one project on the resume that they found interesting.
  • What was your favorite subject?
  • Behavioral questions like your goals.

Second Round : On-site (1 hour)

  • Started with SQL basics.
  • Showed two table schemas and asked to write a query to fetch data. It was basically use of an aggregate function and where clause.
  • Some questions on inner joins.
  • What is polymorphism? Give an example.
  • Differentiate overriding and overloading.
  • Is there multiple inheritance in Java?
  • What is the use of interface?
  • What is a linked list? How does it work?
  • What do you know about binary search? How is it better?
  • Selection sort and its time and space complexity.
  • Implement merge sort. What is its complexity?
  • Some general questions about a course that I had done and the breadth of the topics covered in that.

Overall Experience:

Everyone I met where friendly. The recruiter shared updates within a week after each interview. During the onsite interview, after almost every question we had a short chat about related topics. And whenever the interviewer felt like we were drifting far from the list of questions he had prepared, he would stop and ask me the next question. The questions were all straightforward and not complex. Overall, it was an easy interview, and I had a good experience.