eBay Software Engineer 2

Status: MS CS
Position: Software Engineer 2 at eBay
Location: San Jose, CA

Technical Phone Screen(1 hour):

  1. Garbage Collection Java
  2. Dynamic and Static Binding
  3. Number of Islands
  4. given random5, write function random7

Onsite Interview(4 rounds)

  1. First Round:
  2. Merge Sorted arrays
  3. FizzBuzz
  4. Second Round:
  5. Copy List with Random Pointers
  6. Serialize and Deserialize a binary Tree
  7. Third Round:
  8. Number of Islands same as in Phone Interview
  9. Convert binary Tree to a Linked List
  10. Fourth Round:
  11. Check if a given string is Palindrome
  12. Longest Palindromic Substring