Palantir 伦敦实习

Current Status: Undergraduate Student, Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Engineering.
Postion: Software Engineering Intern @ Palantir, London.
Location: London, UK.

I came to know about the opening from their careers page and applied there.

Interview Process:
Online Technical Test (1 hour):

Algorithmic problem:
Given a list of trades/transactions(BUY/SELL of stocks, amount of stocks and their prices) being done by many traders, parse it in proper format and then find fraudulent traders. Fraudulent traders were defined as those who make a profit of more than 5 million USD in a period of 3 days.

Phone Screening Interview (30 mins)

Self Introduction.
Previous project discussion.
Regular behavioral questions.
Skype Interview (30 mins):
Self Introduction
Project Discussion.
Algorithmic problem:
Given a postfix numeric expression, evaluate it and return the result of the expression, considering it to be valid.
Overall, unique interview experience. Palantir is a high growth and fast-paced organization and it expects you to show the same. A good resume, good interaction with the recruiter and interviewers is expected, while maintaining technical accuracy in your answers.