Twitter HQ Internship Interview

Current Status : Undergraduate Student, Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Engineering.
Postion : Software Engineering Intern @ Twitter, San Francisco.
Location : San Francisco, California, USA.

I came to know about the opening from their careers page and applied there.

Interview Process:

  1. Online Technical Test (1 Week):
  • Algorithmic problems:
    • This test is open to everyone and is sent as a hackerrank invite to everyone who applies. It generally consists of 3-4 algorithmic (easy-medium) problems. The problem combination depends on the mix of roles you selected as your preference.
  1. Phone Screening Interview (30 mins)
  • This comes generally after you have been matched to a team at Twitter and they find your profile interesting.
  • Self Introduction.
  • Previous experience discussion.
  • Regular behavioural questions and team description.
  1. Skype Interview (45 mins):
  • Self Introduction.
  • Quick project Discussion.
  • Algorithmic problem:
    • Medium Leetcode problem. Can’t recall the exact problem statement. The interviewer was very friendly and the problem was progressive in nature. The faster you solve the current problem statement, the quicker you will get the follow up question. It started from a very easy problem, then he increased complexity at each stage.
  1. Managerial Interview (30 mins):
  • General behavioural questions and interaction with the team.

Overall, really fair and awesome interview experience. They rather focus on team and role dependent fit instead of usual hard algorithmic problems, which many companies ask straight away as a candidate filter.

A good resume and friendly interaction with the recruiter and interviewers is expected, while maintaining technical accuracy in your answers.