Lending Club SSE - Interview

Location: San Fransico
Position: SSE
Company : Lending Club

Round 0: Telephonic - 30 Min HR Recuriter -
Why @ LC ? Back ground , Current Project , Challenges ? CI/CD related question.
Round 1: Telephonic 1 hour with SSE:
Code is provided ? Ensure that you fix the code and pass test case.
Identify the issues in code - Mem Leaks, File Handle Leaks , SQL Injecttion attack …etc.

Round 0: Interview with HR :
Introduction of Company , Technology …etc - 15 Min
Round 1: Interview with Architect :
Coding - Merge Sorted Linked List , Architectural/System Design Design Question
Round 2: Coding Round with SSE :
Coding Round - Linked List cycle , Permutation of a string , Hashmap Question - Big O - 45 Min.
Round 3: Coding Round with SSE :
Develop HashMap - (No need to resize the internal hashmap array.) 45 Min
( Write the code on a white board, ensure that there is no basic syntatical error .) .

if You are using Linked List as one of Entry in the bucket, then what is Big O ? . ( HashMap is amortized O(1) ).

Can u improve , Big O from O(n) .

Use Binary Tree : O(n) to O(logn).

Next Question: Complete HashMap implementation which uses array , which each array entry as Binary Tree.
For simplitcity: Ignore Balancing Binary Tree

Round 4: System Design with Product Manager
Say you are to Developing Lending Club . System Design Interview Question
Scope - DB design, ( say RDBMS ) , Rest API , And Various Reports that needs to be generated is given as requirement.

Round 5: Personal Assessment With Director/Hiring Manager :
Why Lending Club ? and question associated to more of Personal assessment of various siutation you encountered and how you handled it. if you go back is there any aspect if resolution of issue / conflicts that you would resolve it differenlty?