Trustarc - SSE Interview

Location: San Fransico
Position: Senior Software Engineer
Company: Trust Arc

Pre-onsite Round:
Round 0: Telephonic - Recuriting Manager discussion for 30 min.
Round 1: Codility Online Coding Assessment
Capture Statistics based on inputs in a file, The data should be returned in a stored order.

Onsite Round
Round 0: HR Round - 15 - 30 min.

Round 1: Coding Round - 2 hours
3 test cases to pass , Elevator Problem , Test case Provided and base structure provide
Evaluate the approach to solve, the design , complexity related question

Round 2: Coding Round - Boggle Word Puzzle - 1 hour

Round 3: Database Oriented Question
Design Question
SQL question - Starts with simple select statement, joins , complex join .
How to delete rows with duplicate records.

Round 4: Hiring Manager - Softskill oriented, project related , achievements …etc