Palantir 面经

现在是New grad应届生
面试职位是 Palantir SDE
地点是 Palo Alto, CA


  1. product introduction, self introduction
  2. merge intervals


  1. card game
  • given a deck of card and several players
  • for each round, player win if the very first card in hand is larger than others
    • if tied, compare the fifith card
  • winner of each round collect cards from rest of participants
  • write the code to simulate the game
  1. distributed tiny url, discussed about sharding, availability problem
  2. resource access control
  • resource represented as tree structure
  • given two api revoke(resourceId), grant(resourceId)
    • if the resource got revoked/granted, all its child resources get revoked/granted
  • implement hasAccess(resourceId)

Nice product introduction during break of interview.