Handy Software Engineering Intern 2018

Status: Grad student, MS CS Top 50 CS school
Position: Software Engineering intern at Handy
Location: New York, NY

  1. Phone Interview with Engineering Manager
  • Was asked about my projects on resume and previous work experience.
  • Concluded the call with a take home assignment which was a variation of Merge Intervals.

Was reached out the Engineering Manager for scheduling a video interview with one more person on the Engineering team.

  1. Video Interview:
  • Introduced himself and wrote a coding question on coderpad which was really easy but only needed a little time to understand the question.
  • Traversing a 2D array with a given set of directions and a starting point and print each state.

From what I experienced, Handy is a startup and really embraces diversity and different ideas. Open to listening what you have to say.