Software Developer Intern - Zimperium Inc

Status: Graduate Student at University of Texas at Dallas, Computer Science
Position: Software Engineering Intern at Zimperium Inc
Location: Dallas, TX

Behavioral Phone Screen (15 minutes):
Tell me about your previous company
What are the technologies you have learnt at your last company?
Are you comfortable with Python(Django)?

Onsite (2 rounds , 1.8 hours):
Seven people which included Frontend Developers, Backend Developers , Java experienced guy , Python(Django) team.

Tell me about your best project?
How did you design it ?
Hoe do you reproduce bugs when you encounter or get reported for one?
AngularJs qustions
What is the significance of an Interface in Java?
What if you insert a duplicate key in Hashmap in Java?
What are the new features in Java 8?
How do you print the index of parent iterator(ng-repeat) inside a child iterator(ng-repeate inside the original div)?
How do you tackle a new problem and what is your approach on solving the problem?
What module did you use in NodeJs to make REST api calls ?

Second guy in a different room:
What is your experience in the industry ?
What is your current specialization ?
Asked many questions related to my specialization

I loved the workplace and the people around. The break area is full of eatables.
The best thing , the supervisor is a great mentor.