Yelp Software Engineer Fall Intern

Status: New Grad, MS Computer Engineering UC Davis
Position: SDE Fall Intern at Yelp
Location: San Francisco, CA

Technical Skype interview (45 min) :
-Behavioral questions & resume & projects
-Algorithm question

My thoughts:
We should be familiar with the details about our projects because the interviewer would focus on one point on your resume. If you’re not familiar with your projects, you should change them with some projects that you’re more familiar with.
The algorithm question is not hard. Given a new class Pair<Manager, Reportee>, the manager can manage the reportee. Now we have a lot of pairs and we can draw a tree to represent the relationship among all the workers. Now we need to find the root, the CEO of this tree.
My solution is to traverse all the reportees and put them into a hashset. Then traverse all the managers, if this manager is not in the hashset, then he must be the CEO.