Google fall 2018 software engineer intern interview

Status: Master student , University of Texas Arlington
Position: fall 2018 software engineer intern at Google
Location: North America

Technical phone screen (45 minutes):
following was the question.

Question :You have two lists of strings (imagine an article and a list of words). Determine whether the shorter one is fully contained within the larger one. Any repeated strings in the list of words must show up at least the same number of times in the article to be considered contained.
Order of words doesn’t matter.

Answer: I solved it using dictionary in time.
2nd technical phone screen (50 minutes):
following was the problem.

Question: there is a 2d array and gbikes are located in that location. there is a person and he wants to know the nearest location of the bike which is available for him(there can be more than 1 nearest bike). person can only move left , right , up or down. output should be the distance in int.

Answer: I have used distance formula to find the distance and stored it in the 1d list. after that return the minimum distance between them. It was tough question and I took more time though I enjoyed it.