Bloomberg LP Software Engineer 2018

Status: MS CS from Top 20 schools

There were two rounds followed by a phone screen. Bloomberg usually has 4 rounds. So if you find yourself being escorted out after two in-person interviews, it means a reject.

Phone screen: 45 mins, Round 1 inperson - 1hour round 2 inperson- 1 hour
All were technical with few questions about my projects
The second round - discuss the differences between python,java and javascript–this was discussed extensively for half an hour

Phone round: Check if two linked list intersect, if they intersect return the intersecting node

In person round 1 :
Define a class Sequential with a method add that returns a continuous sequence of elements that were added till now
Eg: [[1,“a”],[2:“b”],[4:“d”] — return 1,2 if later [3:“c”] is added, it should return 1,2,3,4

Similar to leet code compressed string:

In person round 2:
Design question: Lets say a table A is given for a year y, design an ML model to find the same table amongst multiple tables in a html page for the next few years.