Redfin online/phone interview for Software Developer 1

Straightforward process. ~ 1 hour

First I was asked questions to gauge my interst in the company and if I would be a fit for the team: “What do you expect out of this team”, “What are you looking for in a career”, etc.

Then I was given a coding problem through CodePad for a half hour. The problem was as follows:
“Given 2 Strings representing integers, multiply them and return the result as a String”

public String multiplyTwoStrings(String num1, String num2) {}
Inputs: "12", "23" --> Output: "276"


x   23
+  240

(Conditions/Restrictions: cannot use “Integer.parseInt()” to simply multiply the two initial values; Additions are allowed; Can return the final value as String by converting the calculated integer result -> int result; return result + "" )

I stumbled a little but I knew what I was doing and spoke out loud through my thought process and caught my errors so I was able to produce a correct answer. However, it was not tested since there was no call to the function or main method but it was approved by the interviewer.

Lastly, after this problem, there were two behavioral questions along the lines of: “Describe a time where you were faced with an obstacle in trying to achieve your goal and how you worked around it to succeed” and “Describe a technical experience where you were challenged/faced with a problem and how you overcame it”

I passed the phone screen and am currently waiting for my onsite.

这题不就是 LC 43 Multiply Strings