Facebook Android Engineer- Onsite

I interviewed at Menlo Park on 11/16/2018.
The overall interview process was really good. Was scheduled for 5 interviews, but one interviewer was not available that day, so had 4 interviews +lunch.

Started my day at 11:00 am,first interview was a behavioural+coding interview (1 hr)
-He asked my about my resume,current role, things I am working on in the current company.
-Why Facebook?, Why looking out for a change, plus general behavioural questions. Then for the last 20 mins, he asked me 1 simple coding question, and asked me write code on white board.
-Add 2 binary strings , and return sum as string.

Next was a design interview(1 hr)
-Since I was interviewing for android position he asked me android specific design question.
Design Facebook NewsFeed for android.

Next was lunch(not an interview)
-Facebook has huge cafeteria with tons of options for food.(its free :P)

Next was a coding interview(45mins)
-She asked me general android questions(Listview,Recycler view,Fragments,Intents,Background processing in android)
Then 2 coding questions with code on white board.
-Given an array of intervals , merge overlapping intervals(code with time and space complexity)
-Givn an array, move all zeros to left(maintain order of elements)-give optimized solution

Next was another coding interview(1 hr)
-Asked me android questions again(when to uses service vs async vs hadler,android api changes in android O)
-Then 1 coding question(annagramed index)-Given a string and a word, return the index of anagram of word in string if present -(Gave a nlogk algorithm, then optimized and gave a HashMap solution).

The interviewers at facebook are really good, they help you out if you are stuck. Just make sure you practice on your data structures and algorithms.
Practice heavily on your design questions. Facebook expects very indepth design.

I got a positive reply on behavioural and codinbg rounds , but was rejected on design.
Hope this helps. Happy Coding!!