Google New Grad 上门

Status: New grad, MS CS top 50-60 ? school
Position: New Grad SW
Location: Mtv
Date : 12/03/2018
Strictly 45 minute for each round (Interviewer said strict 45min for fair game)
Technical phone screen (45min):

  • Merge two linked list in zigzag way

1st round : Stock price problem for max profit (Buy one and sell one)

  • Had to explain logic very clearly
  • follow up : identify buying stock date and selling stock date
    2nd round : Given unsorted array, find how many elements can be found using binary search
  • ex : [5,4,6,2,8] -> Ans : 3 -> ‘6’ and ‘8’ and ‘5’ can be found using binary search
  • I could not finish coding part, only figured out correct approach for the problem in 30 minutes
    3rd round :
    Some note : spent first 10 -15 minutes on wrong problem and interviewer changed problem
    -Given unsorted pointers that points to doubly linked list,
    find the number of groups can be formed with this pointers ( one group can be formed with all neighboring nodes)
    -Note : head is not given, only pointers are given
  • ex :None <-> Node1 <-> Node2 <-> Node3 <-> Node4 <-> None Node5 (disconnected)
  • pointers : [point4(point Node4), point2(point node2), point1(point node1), point5(point Node5)]
  • ans : 3 -> 1 group(point1, point2), 1 group(point4), 1 group(point5)
    4th round : given poker cards, validate if cards can be split into form straights
  • ex: cards = [2,9,3,10,4,J,5,Q,6,K] ans : True : [2,3,4,5,6] and [9,10,J,Q,K] form straight
    Detail experience:

Took long time to explain the logic behind the problem -> Did okay but not quick solving in easy problems
Only proposed approach and necessary condition for the problem which interviewer also agreed with the idea -> Bumped disastrously could not finish coding
Solved with hint (initially confused with problem) : Did normal but not as quick for this easy problem.
Proposed two approach with examples going through step by step and analysed time/space complexity and picked one for coding : Did okay but not as great as
Overall experience: I think 1 okay, 2 normal or less than expectation, 1 bumped