Interview at SAP Concur for Software Developer

I gave an Interview for Software Developer position in SAP concur in Seattle area. There was 4 rounds, each round was of 1 hr.

1st Round: Went through my project, challenging project I have worked so far. One coding question: Design double ended queue. One system design question: How would you design twitter.

2nd Round: This round was all about behavioural questions. Had to do role play to guide how to use remote control (interviewer keep insisted on that he does not want to use remote at all). Felt like stress testing.

3rd Round: Again my projects recap, but I was asked how would I improve my these project, what would be the next step if I continue working on these projects.
One coding question: LFU cache implementation with k size.
One data structure question: What is Trie structure.
Debugging question: C# code debugging and Java code debug. (Needed to give the output of the code)
API design: Design API that would return if given list of address is same. (like if given “4th st” and “Fourth Street”, it should return yes as same).

4th Round: This one was also interview round but with lunch and you will be judged in this round too unlike other companies lunch interview. I was asked two system design interview.
i. Design Traffic Light System
-> Follow Up: Handle the traffic on special occasion when there would be flow mostly in only one direction.
ii. Design Interview Processing System

Outcome: Did not get the offer, but I am upset with how they managed the feedback. For like almost a month, no reply from recruiter or from hiring manager. I had to send multiple emails for the answer.