Amazon SDE Internship - 45 mins Video Interview.

Status: New grad, MS CS Top 50 CS school
Position: SDE Internship at Amazon
Location: Seattle,WA

Introduction - 2-3 mins (situation based questions)
Next 40 mins total coding.
1st (warm up - term used by interviewer :p) question.
Given byte A and byte B, output true if all the positions are set. Positions can be from any of the byte given.

A - 11010011
B - 10101110
Output : True

A - 11010010
B - 10101110
Output : False

2nd Question:

   / \
  9  20
    /  \
   15   7

[[3], [9,20],[15,7]]

After this, walk through of code on given example by him.
Follow up Variation: Give the output in spiral order (Zig-Zag traversal of tree) :
[[3], [20,9],[15,7]]
I used reversal of list at even levels, he asked me to code. Follow up: Can you think of any approach other than explicitly reversing the list.

I gave Double stack solution, he didnt ask to code this. Just explained the approach.

3rd Question:
Given a node of Linkedlist, delete that node.
I explicitly asked before giving the approach, can the node be tail node.
He asked me to code this. O(1)

Follow up: If the head node and val to be deleted are given how would do it. I gave O(n) normal solution.
He asked to code and explain the edge cases(empty Linkedlist, headnode del, tail node deletion)

2 mins left, He asked do you have any questions. I asked about his team.

Recieved the offer next day!

What helped : Be fast and well versed in which ever langauge you code. That will give more time to think and probability of interviewer asking more questions is more if you are done fast. So, chances of clearing increase!

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