Expedia SDE1 Bellevue/Seattle Washington

4 interviews 45 minutes each with 15 miutes between each. No lunch. I hear they will book cheapest possible Hotel if you are coming from out of town.

  1. Tell me about yourself. Design a system for parking lot owners such that owners can log in and view capacity and money made etc. Asked more about my projects at current job.
  2. A couple typical behavioral questions. Asked to white board the design of my current project. Asked a riddle (Something about 4 people crossing a bridge but only two can cross at a time and they all walk at different speeds).
  3. Talked about things on resume for 10 minutes then 1 coding question - Given a list of strings where each string contains 0 or more numbers (something like [“lksmdf-983kjasd78asdkn78”, “-234klnsdf+345kmsdf234”]), extract the numbers without duplicates and return as a list of Integers.
  4. Why expedia? More resume questions, more behavioral questions. Design Expedia.com

No offer for me. I did pretty bad on the design questions. They only asked me one coding question, but i think that is rare. Other candidates that interviewed that day said they we’re asked a lot more coding questions.

*edit, I interviewed in bellevue, but they are planning a move to seattle in a few months