Wayfair Software Engineer Interview

Status: Software Developer with 2 years of full time Experience
School: The University of Akron

Wayfair Software Engineer Interview

I recently went through a Wayfair interview and wanted to contribute the questions I faced which can be helpful to others who are preparing.
Note: Wayfair is a large company and your interview panel may be completely different since you might be interviewed for a different team. For the reference I was interviewed for their Supply chain and Engineering Team aka Transportation team.

Technical Phone Interview:
Given an array of weights and a target weight find if the array contains two values that are equal to the target weight.
eg: [1 2 5 6 9], Target 10 : true

Follow up Questions:

  1. What are some other ways you can solve this problem?
  2. Could you write some test cases for your logic?
  3. How can you get the input if it is too large?

5-7 SQL questions on topics like
JOINS (Different types of JOINS), GROUP BY & HAVING CLAUSE on sample data provided by the interviewer

On-site Interview : Boston, MA

Four rounds:

First round:
1.Cultural Fit: Tell me a situation where you have developed a scrappy solution?
2. Why Wayfair and what do you know about Wayfair?
3. Tell me a difficult technical problem that you have faced in your career and how did you solve it?

Second Round:
Design classes and Interfaces for Automated Parking Garage (Object Oriented Design)

Third Round:
Design a Checkin Application similar to Instagram where you can able to tag places (System Design)

Fourth Round:
Netflix/ImDb Database Design

Even though I haven’t got an offer I learned a lot from my first technical on-site interview.

I would like to Thank everyone on Leetcode in helping me think out of the box on various problems that are presented here.

Happy Coding!

Excuse me, could u explain what is a scrappy solution?