Uber ATG New Grad Software Engineer

Status: New grad from Canada, BS CS
Position: New Grad Software Engineer in Uber ATG, Market Design
Location: San Francisco, CA
Interview platform: Phone call + HackerRack Codepair

Technical Phone Interview (1 hour)

  • Behavioural questions:
    • Tell me about yourself
  • Technical questions:
    • Leetcode #332 - Reconstruct Itinerary
    • Follow up question:
      • What if the initial origin is not given? How would you find out the initial origin?
      • What is the time complexity?
      • What is the space complexity?

Thoughs on the interview

  • I’d say it was a mediocre difficulty interview. I have done the exact question on Leetcode and my code successfully compiled and ran on HackerRank Codepair during the interview. And of course the code was optimized from iterations of discussion during self practice. Overall, the interviewer was really nice to talk to and the experience was good. The recruiter was ok on responding her emails as well.

Result and reasons

  • Rejected, not as I expected.
  • Reruiter only mentioned that it was due to coding ability even though I personally felt it was nicely done. Perhaps I took a little bit longer than I should on the follow up questions, though I still don’t think that could be the reason why I did not get the ticket into the onsite interviews when the code successfully compiled and ran and it was optimized. Regardless of the result, I am still positive with this experience with Uber ATG.