Onsite Interview Microsoft Software Engineer Intern

Status: 3rd year, BS CS (noname university in Canada)
Position: Microsoft Intern
Location: Vancouver, BC
Date: Nov 15, 2017

Phone screen (1 hour):

  • Behavioral questions
  • Questions about Passion
  • Questions about Creativity
  • Questions about my interests

After the phone screen, I was flown to the company’s building in Vancouver for a day of 4 x 45min back to back technical interviews. I was required to code on a white board during three of the interviews, and, in the fourth, I just had to describe my approach to solving the problem.

1st Onsite Interview (45min):

2nd Onsite Interview (45min):

3rd Onsite Interview (45min):

4th Onsite Interview (45min):

  • I was asked questions about how to handle conflicts in a team
  • I was asked about group communication skills
  • I had to talk through how to create a Soduku solver
  • This questions is available on leet code: https://leetcode.com/problems/valid-sudoku/

The Microsoft office in Vancouver has a great view of the city and is located in the centre of downtown. There is a makerspace, a VR room, and free drinks and fruit. Management is nice and places an emphasis on having a good work-life balance. Rent in downtown Vancouver is very expensive!