Alibaba Seattle Base Ali-cloud team

I had two rounds of phone interview with Alibaba group for algorithm positions based at Seattle.
The interview was very casual. There was no code pair or any other coding platform to use.
The algorithm part is just explaining your logic of how to solve the problem.

Had two questions:
1.Median of Two Sorted Arrays(required O(logmin(m,n)). Have to explain the cut k recursive method.
2.How to balance a heap. And how heap elements are aligned(2n+1, 2n+2).

There is no real coding part, so all the algorithmic questions you need to give them the formula by word.

The second round was pretty much like the first round.

  1. Arithmetic Slices
  2. Arithmetic Slices II

The scecond question is very tough to explain by word. You’d better have a paper ready and derived the dp function and explain the logic