Vitech Systems Group Associate Software Engineer

Status: New grad, MS CS Binghamton University
Position: Associate Software Engineer at Vitech Systems Group
Location: NYc, NY
Date: March 8, 2019

3 onsite Technical interviews:

1st Technical Interview:
i) This interview happened with Manager
ii) Asked questions related to Spring, Hibernate framework
iii) SQL questions. Asked to create tables with given scenario and then asked to make queries for the asked questions

2nd Technical Interview:
i) A senior software Engineer took this interview
ii) Asked questions related to Object Oriented in Java
iii) He has some code written over paper. Asked to what would be the output of the codes
iv) Asked to iterate with using any loops

3rd Technical Interview:
i) A software Engineer took this interview:
ii) Asked 2 coding questions
iii) One was related to array and asked to do it in linear time. He just asked me to write a pseudo code. I do not remember the question but I used 2 pointer technique to solve it.
iv) In other question, he just asked me to tell which data structure would you use to do that question. He told me that there is a text file which contains 3 columns: ID, timestamp, urls. ID belonged to different users, urls were which customer went to which url on a given timestamp. The question was to output those urls in which users transitioned more from one url to another. Example : if a number of users first went to and then went to, then I have to output these 2 urls
v) Asked questions related to SQL queries. Gave a database and asked different query related questions