Capgemini, Software Engineer

Status: New Grad, BS Software Engineering, Top 50 CS/SE School
Position: Software Engineer at Capgemini
Location: Chicago, IL
Date: 05/05/2019

Technical Screening (45 Minutes)

  • Behavioral Questions (what you’ve done in college, experience as a leader, hypothetical situtations that you can face while working in teams)
  • Data Structures (HashMap, HashTable, LinkedList)
  • OOPs Concepts (Polymorphism, Object Vs Class, OOD)

2nd Techincal Round

  • Case Study (provided before hand, have to explain thought process at the time of interview)
  • Coding questions (tell you to chose the language you prefer, two coding questions. Leetcode easy and leetcode medium),


  • Read how to solve and answer case studies. Revise basic terminolgy such as abstraction, static vs private variables.