Google Software Engineering L4/L5 at Mountain view California

Status: Senior Software Engineering with 10 Years of exp
Position: Google Software Engineering L4/L5
Current Role : Working as a Staff software engineer in the Bay Area.
Location: Palo Alto, CA
Date: May 13, 2019

Technical phone screen (1 hour & 10 mins) :

  • Talked about my current role and responsibilities
  • Questions on making API calls faster (in-memory data grids)
  • Questions on microservices architecture.

Followed by coding exercise

  1. Populate the next right pointers in each node of the Binary search tree:
  2. Vertical Order traversal of a Binary tree:

Onsite Interview

Round 1:

  1. Build a time based key value store:
    I was able to solve the question in 10 mins, explained the time and space complexity and wrote the test case;
    Do not forget corner cases with inputs.

Round 2: [Engineering Manager - Non coding Round]

  1. Cultural and behavioral interview
    Node Clustering and Database replication
    Geolocation based user tracking
    Questions on microservices architecture and making API calls faster (in-memory data grids)

Round 3:

  1. This is a open ended question. I had to write the code on white board to build a find friends and mutual friends upto a depth h in a social network graph.
    Architecture design and questions for this application. extend the find friends logic to find friends at a particular geo Location.

Round 4:


Round 5:

  1. leadership + culture fit + conflict resolution within team and outside team

Overall experience was very positive.