Facebook experienced engineer interview

Time: 2018 Oct
Location: 1 Hacker Way
Position: E5 or 6? 10+ years in this area
Source: got invited from a FB offsite meeting and then scheduled interview with Director, after that, Director invited me to go throught their software formal interview.
1 phone + 6 onsite

Phone interview was not EASY: 3 questions, merge 2 sorted arrays, merge k sorted arrays, circular buffer with extra bulk service interfaces. Almost finished all coding bug free, keep talking and exchange ideas. Very possitive and invited onsite. I was happy, and give away $5 dollars to the homeless people …

6 onsite interviews 45m each, 2 system design, 2 behavior, 2 coding. HR was super super nice and very professional, show me around the compas and brought me to the nice free lunch, also emphissed that coding is the KEY, KEY, KEY.

All went well till last round coding interview, I flew to Bay Area at very late flight, was super tired. The last coding question was not hard, https://leetcode.com/problems/backspace-string-compare, however, I solved this before with the O(n) space time. Then was asked for O(1) space time, came out correct solution (2 pointers), but did not make the code clean without bugs. No hints at all, interviewer was typing on his phone, no interests on my struggling and was happy to see my fail. Sent me out with weired successful face. I knew I was failed this time. Will be very prepared next time.

FB only ask for LC tags (seems), but looking for exact correct coding within very tight time. They are looking for code monkeys. Be monkeys, guys.