JPMorgan Technology Analyst Internship

Status: 3rd year undergraduate student studying for electrical engineering BS at top 20 engineering school
Position: Student at the time, past internship experience at hedge fund
Location: Wilmington, Delaware
Date: November 2018

Interview process:
Onsite (2 rounds, about 30 minutes each):

  • One was purely behavioral:
    • Tell me about a time when you worked with a group for a common goal
    • How do you keep yourself current with new technologies
  • The other was somewhat technical, I was asked about my experiences with SQL and other technologies

I visited a company booth at a career fair on campus, where I was encouraged to apply for one of their diversity programs aimed at increasing the number of women in technology. After I received an email of acceptance, they took care of transportation, accommodations, etc. The accommodations were very nice; I had a suite to myself at a nearby hotel. Interviewees were shuttled to the company office, where we were served food, were able to interact with current employees, and toured the office. The office was very modern with an open office approach. At the end of the day, we each had two 1:1 interviews, overall mostly behavioral and not very technical.

I’m sure my experience does differ from the applicants not invited to apply through diversity programs. Additionally, having worked with recruitment, I know that the interview process has evolved, as of last year applicants took a two-question coding challenge through an external vendor.