Epson Senior Software Engineer

Current position:
Company: Omron Robotics Technologies
Position: Application Development Engineer
Location: San Ramon, CA
Date joined: April 14th, 2017
Last Day: May 31st, 2019. (2 years and 2 months)

New position:
Company: Epson America - Robotics division
Position: Senior Software Engineer - UI backend
Location: Long Beach, CA
Date I will join: June 10th, 2019

I like Epson hiring process. I did 2 phone interviews and 1 on-site. The onsite was an amazing experience. It was divided in three sessions, and lasted for 5 hours. They ask me interesting design, leadership and technical software engineering questions. I was interviewed by the global business development manager of the company (American branch), interesting person. I liked the team and the manager from the first 5 minutes, they liked me as well as per the recruiter.

I used LeetCode intensively to brush up on my problem solving skills. I got the premium account, totally worth every penny. I spent ~60 hours, I solved 40 problems total: 28 easy, 11 medium, and 1 hard. It helped me allot to be sharp and fast. I learned sizeable amount of algorithms and how to make code efficient. I posted some of my solutions with why I did things, such a fulfilling experience! Thanks LeetCode!

Cheers and good luck in your interview!