Bloomberg Summer Internship

I wanted to share my interview experience at Bloomberg. The process was very smooth and I hadn’t any delays. Results after interviews were given in 2-3 days.
Status : Senior Student, BS CS in No name Local University
Position : Summer Internship at Bloomberg, SWE
Location : London, UK
Date : December 11, 2018
The interview process and format of each interview
Technical phone screen (1 hour):

  • Behavioral questions
  • Algorithm question (started from a small problem and later elaborated to a bigger one)

Technical video screen (1 hours):

  • Behavioral questions
  • Algorithm question (recursion)

Onsite (3 rounds):
1st round:

  • Behavioral questions
  • Algorithm question
  • Questions about experience indicated in CV
    2nd round:
  • Behavioral questions
  • General Technology questions
  • Questions about experience indicated in CV
    3rd round:
  • Behavioral questions
  • Questions about experience indicated in CV
    I think that LeetCode practice is important for the interviews. I prepared solving problems on LeetCode. While the problems on interview are different from LeetCode ones, you will be able to write clear code quickly, what will definitely a good thing during the interview. Also, you need to brush up on Data Structures.

Thoughts and anything else
The culture in the office is very friendly and the office is very comfortable. All interviewers were willing to help in solving the problems or answering questions, and while I didn’t solved the problems completely, I received the offer. The flight and accommodation for onsite interview are paid by company. There are coffee-machines and snacks in the office. :slight_smile: