Wayfair Software Engineer 2 Onsite Interview - May 2019

My Current Status: 5 years of work experience and Masters in CS
Position Applied for : Software Engineer2 at Wayfair
Location: Boston,MA

Round1 - HR Phone Interview

  1. Tell me about yourself?
  2. What are you looking for in your next role?
  3. Work Experience
  4. Compensation Expectations
  5. Visa related questions

Round2 - Techincal Phone Interview
Question - Given an array of integers return true if there is atleast a superNumber and a prime number in the array where superNumber is the one whose sum of the digits is prime number
Input = [11,11] Output = true
Input = [13,14] Output = true
Input = [14, 14] Output = false

Round3 - Techincal Onsite Interview

Behavorial Round

  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. Most Challenging project and why and How did you overcome those challenge
  3. What do you do when you do not agree with someone in the team ( Handling debates and conflicts)
  4. Describe a time when you adopted something and had to revert back?

Coding Round
Roulette game with 50% chance of occurance of red/black. The gambler has $50 and wants to bet till he has no money left or till he wins $100. He will always bet red after 4 consecutive blacks and black after 4 consecutive reds. Write a program to simulate this and find whether he won or lost.

Database Design Round
Wayfair employees wants to play a game where they can belong to multiple teams and have multiple roles like one can be coach in 1 team and player in another team. Design the data model for this.

Enhancement - Add payment details after designing this


  1. Find firstname and lastname of all the employees who are players in red team
  2. Find the teams and player count for each team where player count is less than 20
  3. Find the employees which belong to two different teams and are coach in one team and player in another team

Lunch Discusion (30mins)
You are not being evaluated in this round but good chance for asking too many questions.

OOP & System Design
Design a chess game. [No additional information was given. You need to assume things and check with interview]. You are expected to design classes and write pseudo code. Enhancement - redesign for millions of users and users streaming these games.

Interview started at 9am finished at 2pm. Each round was about 5-10mins for exchanging introduction, 40-50mins to solve the question and 5-10mins for asking questions to interviewer (1hour total). Recruiter will show you the office and talk before and after the interview for about 30-45mins in total

Company paid - 2way Flights + only 1 night hotel stay + cab - $100/day + food - $50/day
Overall Experience - Positive. Everyone was really nice and helping throughout the interview. Good company perks and RSUs.

Bonus Tip Hotel had no restuarant so keep some time to go out and eat before the interview. As the office is in downtown, all places are very crowded. Just getting a latte could take you more than 10mins. :slight_smile: