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Our Supply Chain Optimization Technology (SCOT) and Deliver Experience (DEX) teams are coming to the Greater New York City area 4/29-5/3, 2019 to conduct interviews for Software Development Engineering opportunities for our New York & Seattle offices. I was wondering if you knew any talented Software Developers who might be interested in working in our New York or Seattle offices?

Just to give you and your potential referral an idea of what we’re working on I’ve included a short blurb and video below (feel free to copy and paste to share with them):

Our Deliver Experience teams (DEX) do very high-visibility work here at Amazon: Their mission is to provide consistent, accurate, and relevant delivery information to every single page on every Amazon-owned site. Millions of customers will be impacted by your contributions with this team on a daily basis.

Every time a customer places an order on, we make a promise to deliver it quickly. Supply Chain Optimization Technologies (SCOT) is the organization behind our ability to make that promise – to get customers what they need, when they need it and at a great price. We use advanced techniques and technologies including machine learning and data science to predict demand, forecast inventory needs and select suppliers.

Supply Chain Optimization Technology Introduction:

DEX System:

As an Engineer:

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简历已腿hr,目前不知道是否接受刚毕业new grad的简历

understood. 感謝

已发~ 感谢楼主内推! 我也是new grad