Goldman Sachs HireVue + Timeline

2/23 Goldman Early Career Development Application Submitted
3/05 Email Invitation Video Interview, HireVue
3/08 Submit Video Interview

在正式开始Video Interview, 非常推荐practice 几次让自己习惯流程, 30 sec prepare, 2 min response, 尤其是第一次Video Interveiw
我回答完五个问题, 心情挺糟的, 一脸矇B 不太记得发生了什么事
回答完一个问题, 可以休息一下调整心情, 然后按个按钮才会进到下一个interview question

  1. Best achievement at this point of your career
  2. Your manager question a decision you made
  3. Describe a situation that you professor/leader questions the decision you make
  4. What would you do if you receive a confidential email from the professor that was intended for another student
  5. How do you overcome a difficult obstacle … something like that