salesforce MTS包裹

Education : BS, Comp Sci, liberal arts college
Years of Experience : 4 yeras
Prior Experience : contracting company
Date of the Offe r: 8/08/19
Company : Salesforce
Title/Level : Software Engineer MTS
Location : San Francisco
Salary : 145,000k
Relocation/Signing Bonus : n/a
Stock bonus : 50k/4 years
Bonus : 10%
Total comp (Salary + Bonus + Stock): 172,000
Benefits : - TONS of discounts of many many products because of all the partnerships and business salesforce does with people.
Other details : Work is pretty laid back, but not great company WFH policy. SWE’s generally have it better, depending on your manager. My interview was at 8am on a monday morning and did not go amazingly well. Didn’t negotiate my offer because the recruiter said that they almost didnt give me an offer and i got timid on the call, overall pretty happy since it was a 60% pay raise for me