Full stack SDE/Intern Positions ( For new graduates and students)

Company: Energy service/trading PaaS platform startup
Location: San Diego

Company Offer :

  1. Competitive base salary in San Diego area (compared to ServiceNow and Intuit) + stock options + company fully paid health insurance ( no copay required in the network).
  2. Sponsorship for H1B and green card ( fully paid by the company)
    H1B: immediately to meet the application deadline. Green card: with the company for 9 months (including internship with the company)


  1. Master or Bachelor degree in CS related majors
  2. to pass a test project using Microsoft technology stack with C# language, JQuery, MVC and SQL Server. ( About 16 hours if you know C#, but no time limit)

Please send your resume to HR@Arctrade.com


  1. Per company, applicants finished the project with high quality all got full time SDE or intern positions (for students).
  2. The internship can be remote. Students may start internships with the company at any time as long as he/she has CPT.
  3. The company is expanding and accepts resumes all the times

The company encourages new graduates who are good at coding and able to finish the testing project with high quality to submit their resumes. The company will make the decision quickly so that the company can file the H1B working visa applications for all the new employees before the 2020 deadline. As today applicants finished the project with high quality all got full time SDE ( new graduates) or intern (college students) positions


This company has new openings for full stack SDE right now. The company will make a quick decision after you submit the testing project. The company will start to file the green card application for the new employee within 9 months with the company.