uber sr. business intelligence analyst挂经

uber sr. business intelligence analyst面经。
以前拿过uber offer但太低了没去。

这次面试首先先是自介 这个组主要是支援marketing,以下是technical stacks:

Looker, R shiney => tableau =>reporting

Hive, presto, vertical (less), python

Working hours: 9 am -5 pm early morning/some times some meeting with teams in India in late night or early morning.

Very strong on visualization. 60-70%.Communication to clients small portions. Data manipulation/ data engineer=>10%


  1. differences between inner join and rightouter joins

  2. 接下来的问题都围绕在marketingmix modeling。定义是什么,怎么做假设,怎么判读结果

面完之后我觉得不是很适合。毕竟本业是data scientist,这个职位感觉只是做dashboard的analyst,data engineer, ETL也几乎都不做。果然过几天也就收到拒绝信。