EviCore Healthcare 实习过经


  • It was a 30 min round.
  • This was a general resume based interview which started with formal greetings and then the interviewer gave me insights about the company and its work. Further, I was asked to walk him through my resume, after that being done, I had some follow-up questions on my projects which I succesfully answered.
  • Overall it was pretty chill and the interviewer was really friendly and gave feedback and directions whenever required.


  • This was a 3 hrs interview which had 4 back to back rounds (each being of 30 min).
  • The first one was with a Sr. Software Engineer and was competely based on my resume, what motivates me to apply and work for the company and how will I be a good fit for the company.
  • The second one was taken by the Director of Software Engineering team. The interview first beagn with some general questions like - How do you go onto proceed further while approaching an algorithm? and How do you think and consider edge cases for any kind of code? Then, he gave me a problem where a client wants a yellow pages kind of website and I was asked to design a database schema for it, the data structure that can be implemented, the searching algorithm that can be applied and then further optimization of the implementation was asked. This was a white borad interview.
  • The third one dwelled on my project. I had to explain the entire implementation of one of my projects. Starting from the flow to every package and its use case, the inputs and outputs, the DB schema, the technologies used. Also, follow up questions were asked and optimization questions while using my existing Master’s knowledge were also asked.
  • The final round was a technology based interview where I was asked questions solely based on Java, OOPs and MVC concepts like difference between abstraction and encapsulation, overriding vs overloading, J2EE vs J2SE, entry point for the J2EE projects or codes.