Cisco Meraki Data Scientist (level 10) 三番包

Education: PhD in Math
Years of Experience: 4
Prior Experience: Machine Learning Engineer at Spotify
Date of the Offer: Nov. 2019
Company: Cisco Meraki
Title/Level: Grade level 10
Location: San Francisco
Salary: $185k USD
Signing Bonus: $10k
Stock bonus: $90k / year for 4 years with refreshers
Bonus: 15%
Total comp (Salary + Bonus + Stock): $235k
Benefits: 31 days off (20 PTO + 10 holidays + birthday) + 5 volunteer days. Onsite gym. 401k 100% match up to 4.5% of salary. 13 weeks parental leave. Employee stock purchasing plan. Out of pocket health/vision/dental insurance with dependents and maximum deductible is about -$10k


  1. What are the salary bands for grade level 10 data scientists at Cisco?
  2. How long do people typically spend at level 10 before getting promoted 11? What’s the salary range for level 11?
  3. What should my expected title be (senior/staff ?) for someone with my experience?
  4. What are some things I should negotiate if I’m hoping to stay there for 2 years? 4 years?
  5. The role would be doing machine learning. What’s the equivalent grade level and salary range a software engineer?
  6. Are there any other questions I should consider?