GS高盛Superday HK BJ 面经

Two rounds in total. 35min/round

  1. 1st round (3 interviewers, 1 manager, other two work for him)

Q: Tell us about yourself. When I wasselling myself, no one really cares what I am talking about. They were busybrowsing my resume and the following interview questions.

Q: What data structures are you familiarwith?

Q: Since you brought up the linked list,what are its advantages comparing to other data structures? Why and when dopeople use it?

Q: What are the search complexity of thelinked list and regular array?

Q: In what sense the linked list is betterthan an array? What about the other way around?

Q: How do you detect a cyclic linked list?( for this question, I mentioned the two pointers solution and mentioned afollow-up question: I am afraid this solution would be no longer valid if thereare some duplicate values of nodes.)

Q: Then how do you address this problem?

A: I said the wrong solution in the firstplace. But another interviewer prompted me to think about the address of thepointers.

Q: You said you have DRL(Deep reinforcementlearning) experience. How do you explain DRL to me?

Q: What are the entry-level MachineLearning models? ( this question is asked because ML was mentioned in myresume.

Q: What are the difference between thesetwo, logistic regression and linear regression?

Q: Is there any experience you would liketo share with us when you have very limited time but have to deliver ahigh-quality project?

Q: Did you ever attend any Hackathon? How’sthe result? What did you learn from it?

Q: If hired, would you like to work withthe application/hardware group?

Q: Is there any question for us?

求问楼主是engineer intern吗还是new graduate?以及superday之前是否有phone interview?感谢

engineering summer intern. 只经历了coding + math oa, hirevue. 没有phone interview.