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  • find the most repeated number in a binary search tree(not a traditional binary search tree)

      follow up: if we know there are N nodes in the tree in total, how can you optimize the code? (based on your code)
  • decode ways (DFS -> memorization -> DP)

  1. Project deep dive + behavior + move zeros

  2. Find the next smallest larger permutation (not the next permutation), if there is no such permutation, you should throw exception(ask to clarify).

  • find all permutation of a string (non-duplicate + duplicate)
  1. System design

Imagine you are a hacker and you have 10k machines. Given a url http://example.com and you have to downloads all the pages that link to this url. There could be potentially 1 billion pages. Design a system such that it satisfies these requirements. (面试官并没有提crawler这个词=.=|)

  • Minimize the time that download all pages.

  • Best utilize the network bandwidth resource.

  • Minimize Storage