Bloomberg New Grad SDE 纽约面经

Status : New grad, BS CS Top 10 CS school
Position : Student, interned at Uber and Amazon

On campus
Met them at career fair, and a month later got an on campus interview in October
Did some resume questions about past jobs, then did these on paper and pen:

First asked me to validate a binary search tree, straight forward:

Given two methods to one query if current string is auto completable, and if so return all the words auto completable.
another method adds the string to auto completable list.
Won’t say how I did it but its similar to dropbox’s OA and with a tiny bit of guidance I got a structure and class implemented and he seemed happy with it and my process.

On site
A few weeks later then had me fly out to NYC
Was told to be ready for two technicals, but in the morning got an email saying my campus one counted as the technical, so only had one more in afternoon.
Got ask:
solved it easily, then was asked what if you can go in any direction and start and end was not in the two corners, return unique paths. Did a DFS.

With enough time, same guy asked me give me a list in order for in order traverse in a tree:
and after that asked if youre given the level traversal and levels, can you rebuild the tree.

As I read before you get another two round if you do well, I didn’t get escorted and got a HR interview, and it seemed to have went well, asked for my deadlines etc and past projects and what I want on a team. But got escorted after that saying my campus recruiter will reach out, and did not get a manager interview