Goldman Sachs HireVue

刚刚做完GS的HireVue, 做完OA大概三天就收到了。。。Real Intense


You have to do a homework independently, but you have so many things to do. A friend of you said he could share his answer with you, and you know that you cannot finish it on time. What you gonna do?You leader/professor has assigned you to a new group/project, the team members of the team know each other quite well. How do you blend in this team? What you gonna do?Describe a situation that required you to overcome substantial obstacles or adversity. What approach did you take in response to the obstacles or adversity? What motivated you to be persistent? What was the result?Describe a situation that you professor/leader questions the decision you make. How do you explain to them? If you go back to the beginning, will you still make the same decision?