Tesla 过经 + timeline

我面的Autopilot 组的实习。。。
11/6 HR Hello 约面试
烙印 一波背靠背
考了一波图论 ML的基本算法 聊了好久自己做的ML project 感觉烙印很热情


然后。。。 然后就过了HR

不打算去啦 虽然很喜欢无人驾驶技术 但是他家对人才的待遇真的一般般

Codility: Was given online assessment containing 2 programming questions and 1 sql question.

  1. Minimum number of characters to delete from a string so that each character appears unique number of times. Note: You can delete all occurances of characters.

eg: “aaaabbbb” -> 1 “a” or 1"b" would make “a” and “b” appear unique number of times.

  1. Given number in binary form, if its even -> you can divide it by 2; if its odd -> you can substract 1 from it. You can repeat above steps as many times as you want to reach 0. How many steps it took to reach zero?
  2. SQL question to select records from two tables using joins etc.