LAB126 店面

One hour phone interview. Surpised to have no leadership principles questions (had prepared a lot for them based on what I’ve read about Amazon and what the recruiter said).

Had about 30 minutes of questions about projects I had worked on in the past (pulled from my resume). And 30 minutes to solve the copy a linked list with random pointer question.

Here’s where it got interesting for me. I pulled up the link provided for me to solve the code and I had a basic code editor and then I noticed another cursor and realized it was a shared code editor, I would be describing my thought processes out loud and the interviewer would actually be watching me code. It added a layer of pressure to the situation that I was not expecting. I started out barely able to write coherent variable declarations… luckily I was able to take a few sips of water and calm down and just try to talk through everything and start writing code at some level of proficiency that I hope was acceptable. Honestly I barely even remember what I wrote. I solved it with two loops (not nested) in O(n) but I realize now that it could be solved with a single loop by memoizing the node creation. He was not that familiar with javascript so I can only hope that I didn’t make some glaring mistakes that another person will catch on review as we didn’t actually run the code with test data.

I got about 15 minutes to ask questions about what it’s like to work there, team size, etc. Overall I’m pretty happy with the experience as I haven’t actually interviewed for a job since I was a teenager (over a decade ago).